A day out with swimming pond and playground!

Are you in for an unforgettable day out?  Looking forward to a fresh dive into the big swimming pond?  Ready to discover the huge playground?  At De Lilse Bergen, you will find everything for a great day out with the entire family or friends!

If you have more than one day to spend, you simply have to book a stay at our 4-star camping!  In this way, you will enjoy the swimming pond and playground every day of your holiday!

Water fun in the swimming pond!  Children as well as adults can enjoy themselves on a warm summer day!  The swimming pond is a nice refreshment on a day out!  Splash!
Swimming pond.

Swimming pond.

Around the pond, the domain of De Lilse Bergen has been constructed.  Part of the pond has been marked out as a swimming pond, another part as a splash pond with a mega huge playground in and around it!  The largest part of the pond is destined for water attractions: cycling on a pedal boat, water wheels and kayaking.  For all water rats, we guarantee water fun in the pond!

The giant playground is for children of all ages!  Climbing and clambering, playing and swinging!  Even toddlers and young children come into their own in the toddlers’ playground!


The playground is big enough for a whole day out!  The huge playground is located in and around the shallow pond for children.  The playground is a playing paradise for children of all ages!  Even the littlest ones will enjoy an unforgettable day out!  Especially for them, you will discover a toddlers' playground with safe toys for toddlers and young children!

Apart from swimming in the swimming pond and playing in the playground, you can also play a game of miniature golf with your family or friends!  A great activity on a day out !  Who is winning?
Miniature golf.

Miniature golf.

Did you already have some water fun in the swimming pond on your day out and you went on an adventurous discovery tour in our huge playground?  Well, time for a game of miniature golf with your family or friends!  Try to hit the balls into the holes and become a miniature golf champion!

Time for some more action after swimming in the swimming pond or playing in the playground?  Go to the amusement park and take your pick: trampolines, minicars and go-karts!

Amusement park.

Jumping, tumbling, turning, rolling, you can do it all in the playground, but also in the amusement park!  So, enjoy yourself on the trampolines and show us your best stunts!  Go ahead and let your hair down!
Also the go-cart is ready for a tour on the track!  Stop at the barrier and traffic from the right has right of way!  Go ahead and step on it!
And the toddlers and young children can race safely on the electric minicars!  But you will still have a lot of energy left to return quickly to the playground and swimming pond!

A large part of the pond is a water sports zone for water attractions: cycling by pedal boat, kayaks and waterwheels. And afterwards, you can enjoy yourself in the swimming pond and on the playground.
Pedal boats.

Water attractions.

Did you already have some water fun in the swimming pond and at the playground on your day out?  Time for something else: the water attractions!  With 2 or 4, with friends or mother and father, … a tour on the pedal boat on the large pond is always fun during a day out on the water!
You can also slide through the water!  With the kayak, you will rip the water surface in two!  Peddle on the quiet part of the pond and test your arm strength!

On the terrace nearby the shallow pond, you can drink or eat a snack!  So, in the meantime, the children can go on playing in the playground!


On the terrace near the playground, you can enjoy a drink and a small snack.  You can watch the children spatter in the shallow pond and play in the huge playground. Everybody will enjoy a great day out!


Recreation opening hours and price-list.

On your day out, you will enjoy a fresh plunge in the swimming pond, while your children will not have enough time in the huge playground and toddlers’ playground!  Also the attractions and water attractions or a game of miniature golf will make your day out pass far too soon!

Recreation opening hours.
Recreation prices.

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